Mascot Rental Terms

Mascot Rentals

  1. All rentals must be completed in store.
  2. Rentals are for 48hrs.
  3. All rentals are subject to a cleaning fee. In multi-rental deals, there is still a cleaning fee per costume.
  4. Late returns will be charged a fee. Mascots are in high demand and must be returned on time.
  5. Mascots must be reserved in advance. We don’t keep them at our store location.
  6. At the time of booking, a down payment of 50% of the total rental is required for all reservations. This is 50% of the final total, including taxes and cleaning fees. No reservation will be considered booked until this down payment is paid. If a cancellation of the reservation occurs within 24hours of the date of pick up date, this down payment becomes non-refundable.
  7. A $100.00 refundable CASH deposit per costume will need to be left on day of pick up and a credit card will need to be left on file. This deposit will be returned to you when you bring the mascot back, on time and in the same condition.
  8. A government issued ID, preferably Driver’s Licence, must be present at the time of the rental for proof of address.
  9. Any damages that occur to the mascot while in your care, must be reported on the mascots return. An appropriate damage charge may apply.


Example:  Mascot Rental $70, cleaning fee $10, taxes $10.40 = $90.40 total cost

Non-refundable minimum down payment paid at booking = $45.20

Final payment plus refundable CASH deposit paid at time of pickup = $145.20

Refundable CASH deposit paid back to you at time of return = $100



Multiple Discount Offer on Single Rental

  1. Rent 1 Mascot = Regular Price
  2. Rent 2 Mascots = $10.00 Off
  3. Rent 3 Mascots = $20.00 Off
  4. Any Additional mascot rental after 3 = $20.00 off each mascot

If you are interested in purchasing a mascot, don't hesitate to ask us about it, we are happy to help source it for you.