Paintglow Neon Hair Colour Streaks - Various Colours

Paintglow Neon Hair Colour Streaks - Various Colours

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Brighten up your look with Paint Glow UV Hair Streak. This professional quality UV reactive Hair Colour Streaks easily applies a bright neon colour to all hair types and glows brilliantly under UV light. Vibrant and versatile, this hair mascara style product is ideal for Halloween, children's parties, raves, Festivals and more. Available in 6 amazing UV Colours: Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Orange, Red and White.

Paint Glow UV Hair Colour Streaks add bold neon streaks to any hairstyle that will certainly stand out from the crowd. The classic spiral wand is easy to control and ensures an even, strong colour. Give yourself a cool UV streak, create an eye-popping hair do or add the finishing touch to your dream look. Perfect for kids and adults alike, this Hair Mascara washes out easily with standard shampoo.


UV Hair Streaks are extremely popular because of the ease and simplicity, within seconds you can have a new hair style by adding some amazing Neon streaks through your hair and when exposed to UV blacklighting your hair will Glow profoundly with stunni4  luminosity effects.